Being a multidimensional creator, Christina Georgiou has produced an enormous body of work within various fields as an artist, curator, educator, researcher, writer, creative entrepreneur, cultural worker & producer, trainer, yoga & meditation teacher, tantra practitioner, holistic life coach, nutritional counsellor, intuitive guide & energy healer.  

Christina Georgiou's desire to connect with her true essence and simultaneously transmit authenticity and truth through her actions and teachings, led her into a long journey of self-inquiry and transformation within the various fields she has immersed herself.

Consequently, her intentions and activities spanned across various areas and fields, while enabling her to bring a vast number of practices and methods together, alongside her own inventions born through her personal experience, in order to create an innovative formula for self-transformation. 

Therefore, through the evolution of her initiatives and the ongoing discovery of her own Self, Christina Georgiou created the pioneering SenseSelfEssence.

Read Christina's story in her official webpage: www.christinageorgiou.com

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A Note from the Founder

Towards the path of Truth and Authenticity I have been falling, I have been failing, I have been getting lost…but I keep on walking because of a remembrance of who I really Am…


I  am committed to the expression and the authentic unfolding of the Self for the purpose of transformation that leads to self-realization.


By traveling to countless countries and places, I find myself in several cultural references without identifying myself with a single nation or country, rather with the timeless and spaceless richness of the soul. My intention is that my actions are purposely a reflection of the spirit manifested through the countless possibilities of the body, where life in the immediate presence is integrating itself technically and emotionally, conceptually and visually, dynamically and most often silently.


Through study, research and experience in various fields, I formulated the multifaceted SenseSelfEssence and I apply it through transformational leadership in order to fulfill my higher purpose and vision for the benefit of all. I create frequencies where I amalgamate numerous techniques and practices, while encompassing simultaneously the foundation of discipline and the realization of freedom. All these practices create a new experience in each program I conduct, and steadily raise the consciousness of the receptor, while transforming positively their life.


You are welcome to join me in this amazing journey of metamorphosis and self-realization.


Christina Georgiou

Christina's Credentials


  • BA (Hons) Fine Arts

  • MA Live Art & Performance Studies 

  • Creative Writing

  • Innovative Curating 

  • Grade 8 Classical Singing

  • Grade 8 Theory of Music


  • Traditional Hatha Yoga & Tantra Teacher - 200h TTC

  • Yin/Yang & the 5 Elements Yoga Teacher - 300h TTC

  • Yoga Step-by-Step Foundation Course by Swami Gitananda


  • Vegan Nutritionist

  • Ayurveda Practitioner 

  • Ayurvedic Massage Therapist


  • Dream Analysis & Therapy 

  • Transpersonal Psychology 

  • Transformational Leadership ​

  • Neurographica


  • Energy Healing

  • Vibrational Medicine

  • Holistic Color Counsellor & Healer 

  • Healing through the Sound of Voice

  • Sound Healing through Sono-puncture


  • Sacred Geometry

  • Psychic Development

  • Sigilization Mastery

  • Energetic Alchemy 

  • Soul Retrieval

  • Metaphysics

  • Astronomy

  • Astrology

  • Kabbalah 

  • Extra Sensory Perception


  • Theatre of the Oppressed Facilitator


  • Permaculture Design Course (PDC)


SenseSelfEssence is a space with spiritual ambience infused with live energy, love and integrity, and which heals both body and soul. All this becomes reality thanks to Christina. She is not just a yoga teacher; she is a true leader full of inspiration and goodness who effectively guides students on to how to connect with their Higher Self."

Aggela Kyriacou (CY): Artist

Christina is such a gifted healer and an inspirational teacher."

Sofia Matsi (CY): Permaculture Designer & Teacher

The value of the knowledge that Christina offers to us is priceless, she is a treasure. A beautiful and kind soul and heart. I thank her for being such an inspiring teacher and beautiful being."

Aliki Poulli (CY): Student

Christina is a wonderful person, an exquisite teacher, an organized professional, and a unique individual. I attended one of her workshops, which was illuminating indeed and worked with her, for a number of years, for the Cyprus Performance Art Festival, one of the most successful art events in Cyprus."

Karolina Lambrou (CY): Teacher & Writer

Conscious, caring, spiritual and above all an inspirational teacher. These are the characteristics of Christina!!! Even from the first session I felt the difference in my energy! One month after I couldn't believe that whatever came out that day from her mouth was becoming my reality! If I recommend Sense Self Essence concept? A HUGE YES!!! But this is not for everyone... Is for people that they want to to make positive changes in their lives and leave an impact to human race!
Thank you Christina for being in my life! A true angel!!!"

Demetris Rousos (CY): Entrepreneur

Christina is a truly caring, loving, and inspiring teacher! Through our yoga classes I’ve felt more grounded, connected and in tune with my body. Very grateful to have met such a dear soul!" 

Valentini Loizou (CY): Pianist & Music Teacher

Christina is one of the most "pure" persons I have ever met. With purity and care in doing it, simply inspires you." 

Andri Vrioni (CY): Creative

Christina is an amazing teacher, kind and loving, ready to help you any time you need her guidance and support. She really pays attention to her students' needs and plans the lesson according to them. She is a true giver, a healer and a beautiful soul and I feel so blessed that she came across my path and I can call her my spiritual teacher and my friend."

Marilena Kyriacou (CY): Theatrologist & Actress

In embarking upon my journey with Christina, I had no prior knowledge of yoga and little expectations other than an awareness that I needed desperately to bring about change in my life. From my very first lesson, I felt deeply at ease with Christina and supported both physically, mentally (and though not aware of this, spiritually). Little did I realize or expect that Christina’s unique combinational training of ‘Self Sense Essence’ would bring about such dramatic changes in my life. Over the last six months I have quit long standing addictions, sleep more deeply, feel more positive and energized and have rekindled my creativity. I would stress that none of these changes were purposeful or forced, I have simply begun to align with my mind, body and soul, and with Christina’s enduring support, I am proudly walking my life’s journey."

Christine Gajin (UK/CY): Visual Artist & Teacher

Christina is a true example of holistic living. She is devoted to fresh and healthy eating through the Ayurvedic philosophy and a genuine healer from the heart. Eager to share her deep knowledge and suggest ways for self-improvement."

Evi Philippou (CY): Architect

Our teacher is simply amazing. She is like a mother to us all, nurturing us and guiding us as needed. She is a highly intuitive person, bringing light in the lives of people around her. It is a true blessing to have her in my life."

Aliki Poulli (CY): Student

Thanks to Christina, for her love and support. I felt a revival after this experience. It was worthy to travel for such a long time, to the other side of the planet in order to experience SenseSelfEssence. I LOVE YOU Christina, thank you!"

Jose Arispe (BO): Visual Artist & Photographer

Working with Christina has led to a new path for a better understanding of my own persona. I am grateful to Christina for choosing me as part of this project. I have learnt so many things during the time spent together. She has been so open and she has totally given herself to us. Her personal way to decide about the daily practice and how to develop the tasks played an important role. Ensuring flexibility and completely connecting with each one of us. She has chosen what we needed to explore, experimenting and guiding us into ourselves as one. I have never met someone so capable to teach and to take care of people like she did. I am really proud to have taken part in SenseSelfEssence and had the chance to know Her. Thanks to Christina Georgiou, I’m feeling that I’ve been through many challenges. She was not only a teacher, an artist and a beautiful soul. She was able to guide us through our own personal way. I was following her words and all that she gave to us because I was feeling that she was giving us all of herself. I’m grateful to her, so happy I had this amazing experience. I’m feeling enriched, I’m feeling full of love and happiness, I’m feeling myself."

Marta Lodola (IT/DE): Performance Artist

What is unique about Georgiou's work is her ability to translate her history into visually resonant gestures, installations and graphics, and to 'alchemically' transmute historical pain into positive and constructive cultural engagements."

Dr. William Ray Langenbach (US): Professor of MA Live Art & Performance Studies, Theatre Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki - Finland

Christina is made to teach. I have seen Christina to be an open channel that generously gives out during her teachings. I was part of a group of 12 participants in one of her workshops, and we managed in just three days to feel safe firstly with ourselves - which for me personally is my biggest challenge - and secondly with each other. It's not easy for a person to bring close 12 people in such a short duration of time and at the same time create such beautiful things. Christina, with her energy, made it true. Christina has a charisma: She can see inside of you and understand what your authentic identity is, your qualities, your inclination, and she encourages and guides you properly with what you need and is best for you. All these makes her a very good leader in her workshops, with enthusiasm, coordination, correct judgment, clear mind, able to find solutions even under the pressure of time, understanding, trust in the artists, and love and passion in what she does. I know this because I see her in a constant quest for new practices that await personal authentic revival, which results in a collective creative wave."


Phedon Odysseos (CY): Yoga practitioner

I had such a wonderful and meaningful time working with Christina Georgiou. She is amazing, structured, and so calm. Extremely inspired."

Yorgos Bakalos (GR): Performer & Lecturer

Christina is purposeful and methodical. She knows where she wants to take you and she takes you there with the power of calmness. She is sweet and patient." 

Stavros Psillakis (GR): Artist

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