SenseSelfEssence is a space with spiritual ambience infused with live energy, love and integrity, and which heals both body and soul. All this becomes reality thanks to Christina. She is not just a yoga teacher; she is a true leader full of inspiration and goodness who effectively guides students on to how to connect with their higher Self."

Aggela Kyriacou (CY): Artist

A truly transformational and holistic programme.

Relaxing and warm ambiance awaits those who seek tranquillity and healing.

Mastery of the self, connection to one's soul.

Sense Self Essence - 'is all about inspiring for the highest and true self."

Christie Georghiades (CY): Accountant

SenseSelfEssence is a holistic program, taking place in a warm, welcoming, peaceful place, which helped me understand my whole being, body and soul, accept it and work for a better and healthier version of myself. Christina is an amazing teacher, kind and loving, ready to help you any time you need her guidance and support. She really pays attention to her students' needs and plans the lesson according to them. She is a true giver, a healer and a beautiful soul and I feel so blessed that she came across my path and I can call her my spiritual teacher and my friend."

Marilena Kyriacou (CY): Theatrologist & Actress

Christina is such a gifted healer and an inspirational teacher. The cooking class I took with her was very well prepared, interesting and stimulating at all times, delivered in the most suitable and inviting space and ended with the best conclusion: Savoring on the tasty food items we created all together. Through the massage we did and Christina's advice on how to improve certain issues I faced at the time, I saw a significant difference on my wellbeing. I would highly recommend everyone to find an "excuse" to get to SenseSelfEssence - you wont regret it!"

Sofia Matsi (CY): Permaculture Designer & Teacher

Relaxing and comfortable atmosphere embraces those seeking change, tranquility and healing. An inspiring place to help you connect with your inner self. Christina is one of the most "pure" persons I have ever met. With purity and care in doing it, simply inspires you. I would highly recommend "Sense Self Essence" to those that wish to make positive changes in their lives."

Andri Vrioni (CY): Creative

An artistic, conscious, heartfelt, spiritual journey, an inspiring place to help you connect with your body, Self, others. I have followed a few of the workshops and was impressed with the research, love and philosophy behind them so I would fully recommend the SenseSelfEssence program knowing that all programs and collaborators are carefully selected to create a welcoming and inspiring environment and worthy experience."

Anna Stylianidou (CY): Animator

In embarking upon my journey with Christina, I had no prior knowledge of yoga and little expectations other than an awareness that I needed desperately to bring about change in my life. From my very first lesson, I felt deeply at ease with Christina and supported both physically, mentally (and though not aware of this, spiritually). Little did I realize or expect that Christina’s unique combinational training of ‘SelfSenseEssence’ would bring about such dramatic changes in my life. Over the last six months I have quit long standing addictions, sleep more deeply, feel more positive and energized and have rekindled my creativity. I would stress that none of these changes were purposeful or forced, I have simply begun to align with my mind, body and soul, and with Christina’s enduring support, I am proudly walking my life’s journey."

Christine Gajin (UK/CY): Visual Artist & Teacher

At SenseSelfEssence welcoming and serene space I enjoyed the longest, most thorough, stress-realeasing massage session ever that touched the emotions too. Definitely coming back! At the cooking class, apart from enjoying the food and the company I was surprised to receive so much info and learn how to chose food to accommodate my individual type. Recommended 100%."

Evi Philippou (CY): Architect

Through SenseSelfEssence I am gradually moving towards my authentic real self. The school shares sacred knowledge which ANYONE can benefit from. I highly recommend it to anyone regardless of age or previous experience."

Aliki Poulli (CY): Student

Conscious, caring, spiritual and above all an inspirational teacher. These are the characteristics of Christina!!! Even from the first session I felt the difference in my energy! One month after I couldn't believe that whatever came out that day from her mouth was becoming my reality! If I recommend Sense Self Essence concept? A HUGE YES!!! But this is not for everyone... Is for people that they want to to make positive changes in their lives and leave an impact to human race! Thank you Christina for being in my life! A true angel!!!"

Demetris Rousos (CY): Entrepreneur

SenseSelfEssence was a true and pure inspiration for me. An opportunity to close my eyes and perhaps come for the first time so close to the essence of myself. Through all the exercises I had the opportunity to get to know, to trust and to hear again, the body, the space, and those around me. To understand, as an artist, the basic concepts of the structure-creation of a performance, through a process so esoteric, as if it was something I knew, but never had the chance to experience so far. It is magical how such a great deal of knowledge and experience can be born in such a few days."

Efpraxia Georgarou (GR): Fine Artist

SenseSelfEssence was a new experience for me. The discipline, the exercises, the activities, the level of commitment was intense. The work we did during 10 days was not only physical, but it was also a mental training. This level of commitment is needed in order to develop deep works, where our focus is clear, aiming to create only an honest work of art. Everything was truly unique: Camping with fellow artists, eating together, offered a special vegan diet, avoiding external connections, learning to be environmentally conscious, the relationship with nature (even the compost toilets), and living in community for 10 days was an intense yet wonderful experience.

     Since the first thing in the morning we were into mental and physical exercises. The whole living was an experience for our training as artists. I am not exaggerating, but as soon as we open our eyes in the morning until we went to sleep we were connected to this process. Being in this stage of commitment was the main power in order to come to a specific result. But is was much more than that, it was not only an art exploration, it was a human growing. And even if the days of exhibition were tiring, we felt we had the correct energies to perform and be connected as a group throughout this process.

     I felt a revival after this experience. It was worthy to travel for such a long time to the other side of the planet in order to experience SenseSelfEssence. Thanks to Christina, for her love and support. I LOVE YOU Christina, thank you!"

Jose Arispe (BO): Visual Artist & Photographer

SenseSelfEssence was first of all a life experience that I’ll keep into myself for the rest of my life. I can definitely say I have discovered many inner qualities I wasn’t aware of. I have learned how to better take care of my body and my spirit. I have also trained my mind to understand better the direction of my own practice.

     As a person I have observed my recurrent and typical behaviors. I have learned how to accept the uncomfortable parts of my personality, transforming them into strengths to work with. My relationship with food has also changed; I have almost completely eliminated sugar from my diet. I want to point this out because sugar involves more anger, more aggressiveness and it overwhelms the mind. Embracing a different diet my body has become more grounded, filled with renovated and fresh energies. I have become more conscious, giving more value to my diet, understanding how food sometimes may overlay some emotional lacks.

     Furthermore, another important point has been the value of communication, experiencing the “silence” I have enjoyed myself for many hours, listening to my thoughts, feeling peace and calmness all around. I have acknowledged what makes me uncomfortable, being able to express my feelings to someone else without saying a word. The “silence” has made myself more aware and ready to communicate with others.

During the whole process each one of us has worked with inner sensations and external factors. Through the exercises I started to interlace deeper relationships with the others. I have come to understand who was closer to me and who was not, and bond with the ones I have felt far from myself and even more closer to the others I was already close to. During the time spent together we have become a single synchronized body.

     The advantages have been soon transferred into my artistic practice, becoming more aware of the way I work. Everything has become more simple, more essential, less concentrated into my mind. Starting to work first within a daily preparation I’m feeling more connected to my soul. Every gesture, every performance is a part of ourselves we can give and more importantly share with the others. In that moment we are more exposed, especially when the action comes from the inside and I feel it here and now.

     New challenges are now into my own self and into my practice, being aware of what it is essential in my life. Straightforwardness and simplicity are now new ways to produce my work."

Marta Lodola (IT): Performance Artist

"I learnt a lot during the SenseSelfEssence retreat. It was the first time in my life to experience that kind of collective work with strong connection with each participant. After only one week of living and being trained together, we experienced an amazing level of feeling each other. We really were “as one”.

     As a participant, I appreciated the clear and orderly structure of SenseSelfEssence, which was founded on its principal goal to synchronize us with our Self, to one another so that we would converge into a sole body, to the site, the subjects and objects, to everything that is happening “here and now”.  On top of it, this structure was highly dynamic and flexible, with Christina managing to smoothly and timely adjust the program to the physical and emotional state of the group members and their individual needs.

     Everything we did, the way we did it, all the surrounding objects, and every single element of this highly definite structure helped us to transit into this new, incredible state of synchronicity.  We were stranded from the civilization, having no other external contact.  This helped us to concentrate on ourselves, and on one another.  We were requested to hand in all the electronic devices so that they would not distract us. What a pure joy it is to spend ten days in reality without going online! Though seeming minor, this requirement helped us to liberate our attention and set its focus on achieving the principal goal. We lived in a tent camp, slept on the ground, used the water that the earth gave us, ate seasonal products brought by farmers from the neighboring village, and thus synchronized ourselves with the site.   

However, the most important contributors to our connectivity were the exercises and techniques practiced within the retreat. They were equally part of the whole structure, yet Christina was highly sensitive to changes in the group members and their individual needs. When necessary, she smoothly and efficiently adjusted the program, the practicing and resting regime, meals, and other aspects. 

     Thus, I experienced a problem of preserving the “presence” state during lengthy exercises lasting for many hours.  I tended to return to the “regular”, habitual state, which interrupted the actions, and it would take me a long time to resume the required state.  To deal with it, Christina suggested practicing the Intention-Action exercise.  While doing an action, we would think and articulate through the whole process of doing it.  Thus, a simple gesture of raising a hand became a deep meditation focusing on all aspects of the action: length, elements, details, and sensations. This practice was a precious experience for me and helped me a lot to keep the “presence” state during performances lasting for several hours.

     The uninterrupted “presence” state also gave me the liberty to develop my action. I learned to let myself go, thus allowing the action to flow according to external and internal impulses.  Whatever occurred – new viewers that would come and participate, new objects that would appear in space, contact and interaction that would be established with other artists, a new sensation that would arise in me – out of a sudden, everything became an impulse for further exploration, for my action development."

Olga Kozmanidze (RU): Artist

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