SenseSelfEssence is a Holistic Healing Method, a Conscious Community, and a Sacred School of Transcendence, Truth and Transformation, aiming for the alignment with the most essential component that lies within us all, the Self. Through a holistic, collective and heart-centered approach, SenseSelfEssence creates an evolutionary environment where esoteric, expressive, scientific, metaphysic, spiritual and healing arts merge together as one, and vibrate within the frequency of unconditional love and expansive consciousness.


By integrating mindfulness, intention & attention and self-awareness, alongside alchemical, healing, ascension and transmutation processes, SenseSelfEssence gives specific guidance on the uniqueness of each individual. The recipient will experience a New Life in Joy, aligned with Truth, while living authentically in the present moment. SenseSelfEssence provides a safe platform to surrender into a transpersonal and soulful journey of awakening, rebirth, and constant remembering of one's true divine essence, the Self.


You are welcome to host SenseSelfEssence in your country. Being a host and assisting with the details and procedures, also gives you the opportunity to take the courses complementary. 


Please have in mind that SenseSelfEssence programs have specific requirements and procedures that may need specific arrangements in order to take place in the proper manner. Also the SenseSelfEssence schedule is set and planned many months beforehand. Therefore we would suggest you to consider planning to accommodate SenseSelfessence early and contact us on time. 


For more information about hosting any of the SenseSelfEssence classes in your city, contact Christina Georgiou via email: senseselfessence[at] Christina would be very happy to receive your message and discuss with you further details for a possible collaboration. 

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