• ChristinaGeorgiou

10 Expressions of Aether

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

These are 10 expressions and manifestations of Aether, as I personally experienced during my personal practice and journey, that I wanted to share and express through written words. Hope you appreciate and enjoy them all.

1. A subtle vibration revealed through different ways and dynamics in the body, on the body and the internal organs.

2. Heat experienced through the physical body.

3. A limitless space of silence within, giving a peaceful satisfaction of wholeness.

4. Constant movement, ever unfolding and ever evolving, unshaped, unspecified and unnamed…transporting and changing itself endlessly.

5. An inner sound in the sphere of the brain perceived and “listened” through stillness.

6. An unspecified element that fills all “space”.

7. A light that beams existence, and 'seen' through awareness.

8. An occurrence giving an-other realization that I AM.

9. A body perceived as moving energy within its silhouette rather than a solid flesh.

10. “Eternal Return”

Christina Georgiou,

January 2016

Photography by Gabriel Pandelis

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