Regarding the venue and the smooth operation of the space & classes:

• Please arrive 10' before the class starts. Each lesson begins on time to encourage synchronization between us and therefore sustain energy alignment.

• Please close your mobile phones and leave your bags and other personal items in the reception area.

• Before, during and after the classes, I invite you to create all together a place of serenity and peace, which embraces us all. So please use a soft voice in all rooms, and especially in the main hall where we turn our attention inwards to practice silence (Mauna).
• Keep the space in the same condition that you found it as soon as you enter, and sustain a clean, calm and enjoyable area for the benefit of everyone.

• Place your glass or cup in the sink as soon as you finish using it.
• The library and its space are at your disposal for study only within that area.

• Smile as soon as you enter, and give heartfelt hugs, it makes the world brighter.

Regarding your general hygiene:

• Please remove your shoes as soon as you enter the space on the wooden surface that is indicated and provided for you, and use the red carpet for your feet ONLY (not shoes on the red carpet please!)

• Please put your shoes back only when you are about to exit the entrance room, on the same wooden surface. In this way you keep your feet and socks clean, and those of others. Keeping a good hygiene in the space in for the benefit of all.

• Avoid walking with shoes on areas that other people walk with bare feet. This keeps the space clean, our feet clean and therefore a general hygiene is provided that makes everyone feel comfortable with the space and their body.

After you removed your shoes and placed them on the white wooden shelves please disinfect your hands with the antiseptic spray provided for you on the same spot.

• When the class is finished, please clean your yoga mat with the antiseptic natural spray with essential oils that is provided in the space and wipe up with the cloth that is also provided for you.

• Please keep the toilet clean and close the toilet cap before flashing. Also please close the toilet door behind you when leaving.

Regarding your health, safety and progress:

• Stop eating at least 2 hours before the beginning of the class. If you are really hungry eat only 1-2 fruits at least half an hour before the class but be aware not to practice belly locks (Udhyana Bandha) or intense breathing practices.

• Be sure that you are properly hydrated before and after the class.
• During the class follow all instructions of the teacher with precision and exercise with care, knowing and observing your limits, physical and other.
• If you have to leave early, please inform the teacher before the lesson. It is important to complete your practice with the relaxation posture (Shavasana) for at least 5 minutes, before you leave the room and before you go back to your everyday life.

• If you are injured, feel pain or suffer from a disease, please tell your teacher before the class begins.
• Please avoid using strong perfumes apart from your deodorant, as this may distract your concentration and concentration of others, as well as preventing the practice of breathing techniques (Pranayama).
• I encourage you to be regular and consistent in your practice and practice with us for at least twice a week, so that you can enjoy the maximum benefits of our sessions and experience the beneficial properties of our classes in your everyday life.


Regarding payment, bookings, cancellations & public holidays:

• All weekly lessons, personal sessions, workshops, seminars and other programs are prepaid.
• Reservation can only be made by prepaying the full amount for weekly lessons, personal sessions, workshops, seminars and other programs.
• Payment methods are: cash and bank deposit only. We are open to discuss ways of exchange between teacher and student only in specific cases. Karma Yoga can be applied by people who honestly wish to practice it, and thus offer unconditional services to SenseSelfEssence and our Sacred School.
• In case of absence without notice at least 24 hours before weekly classes, and at least 48 hours in advance for seminars, workshops and personal sessions, there is no replacement or refund.
• If the person cancels their participation at least 48 hours before a personal session, seminar or workshop, he/she will be refunded 70% of the fee.

• In case of cancellation within the last 24 hours or failure to appear at the pre-booked one-to-one or class, the prepaid amount will not be reimbursed.

• There is no refund if the person is absent without notice or by a last minute notice.

• Weekly classes can be replaced according to our weekly schedule if there are places in the classroom, and only within the same month that the tuition fees have been prepaid. Lessons that have been missed cannot be transferred to the next month. Therefore it is your responsibility to plan and organize your schedule according to the School's schedule. Only in specific cases and upon communication with the teacher we make exceptions.

• Only the students who inform us from the first day of the week - Monday, the exact day they will be absent, they will receive the live class they have missed as a video-recorded class a few hours later.
• The space is closed on specific public holidays. You can attend the missed classes other days within that month.

• The months that hold more that 4 weeks, the extra classes that are offered to you during this months are used as credit for the teacher in periods of absence of the teacher because of vacations, illness or further training.

• Video recordings of classes will be sent to those who inform their absence from the class and request the video-recording on Monday of that week.

Regarding one-to-one sessions:


• All healing and coaching/mentoring private sessions take place at our SenseSelfEssence school in Nicosia or via Skype.

• We do not make home visits in order to realize one-to-one private sessions.

• In order to reserve an appointment and ensure availability, the client must prepay a small amount of the session beforehand and the rest of the amount at the day of the session.

• In case of cancellation within the last 24 hours or failure to appear at the pre-booked appointment, the amount that the client payed beforehand in order to secure their appointment will not be reimbursed and therefore will be lost. This means that the appointment will not be moved to another date, but rather the client has to rebook a new one by paying the amount again. 

Heart to Heart,

Christina Georgiou, SenseSelfEssence Founder

​© 2021 by SenseSelfEssence