Perinatal Yoga & beyond for mothers before, during and after birth.

SenseSelfEssence PERINATAL YOGA with Christina


SenseSelfEssence PERINATAL YOGA is a signature series of class created by Christina Georgiou and they combine a broad range of practices, methods and tools in order to offer a holistic experience and a deep understanding of a pregnant body, while preparing for birth. These classes offer not only physical support but also mental and emotional in order to feel empowered and sovereign in your body and fully own your experience. Designed in a unique way, and drawn from the most updated scientific practices, these perinatal classes are combined with the sacred and the intuitive element, alongside Christina's experience as a mother and a certified prenatal & postnatal yoga instructor. The classes are offered in a heart-centered environment through Christina's ability to intuitively guide and adjust the practices based on your individual needs.



For pregnant women after 16 weeks of pregnancy.


These series of classes provide you with important information, exercises and tools around birth in order to approach labor and birth with confidence and knowledge. They will bring essential and key aspects into your awareness, which will assist you throughout your pregnancy and labour in order to give birth with no to minimal medical intervention. I will assist you into this "opening" of your body with respect, safety and proper guidance in order to awaken your inner power and trust the ability of your body to give birth physiologically.


Classes include:

- Yoga postures and kriyas to create and maintain tone, strength, flexibility and confidence in the body.

- Pranayama and breathing techniques for contractions, labour and birth.

- Movements & techniques to ease tension, pain and discomfort during pregnancy & labour.

- Option for Nausea sequence, Restorative and the use of tools for support (birth ball, wall, chair, etc.)

- Positions to assist the optimal foetal position of the baby for a natural birth.

- Exercises for pelvic floor awareness.

- Relaxation techniques and/or Yoga Nidra.

- Meditation & Visualization techniques to dissolve fear and build trust.

- Enhancing intuition & connection with the fetus.


Optional / By request*:

- Accupressure points or Massage to ease pain and discomfort during pregnancy & labor.

- Neurographica for pregnancy & birth.

- Ribozo techniques

*extra charge and duration of time may apply





For mothers 6 weeks post birth or 6-12 weeks after a cesarean section.


This series of classes will guide you through your postpartum phase with ease, safety and comfort in order to understand your body's needs, nourish yourself, restore abdominal muscles, rebuild functionality and tone to the pelvic floor muscles and lower back, and regain your core-strength and overall fitness after birth. I will assist you in this "closing" of the body with care, respect and admiration and provide you with the right tools in order to make a smooth transition from birth to motherhood. (Newborns are welcome to interact with mother as our class will be integrating practices to encourage bonding between mother and baby.)


Classes include:

- Yoga postures and kriyas to regain core strength and tone the body muscles.

- Pranayama & breathing techniques to assist the body and mind.

- Techniques that help to re-knit the abdominal muscles and the toning of pelvic muscles and lower back.

- Movement practices to regain connection, familiarity and confidence in your new body.

- Exercises to ease shoulder, back and neck pain and discomfort, and exercises to tone the muscles in these areas.

- Interactive exercises for mother & baby to create "active bonding".

- Baby Yoga to assist your baby's motor sensory development.

- Relaxation & Yoga Nidra adjusted for the postpartum phase.

- Practices to reduce postnatal fatigue, prevent postpartum depletion, and possible depression.


Optional / By request*:

- Massage practices for the belly area to assist your body and organs to return to their primary position.

- Yoni steaming practice to heal and assist your postpartum journey.

- Ayurvedic treatments, use of herbs and oils for postpartum healing.

*extra charge and duration of time may apply


"This Pregnancy Yoga journey is designed from a yogini mother to mothers who wish to be informed, awakened and empowered in this important phase of their life. My goal is to empower you in order to feel safe and confident in birth no matter what, while listening to your instinct and intuition, and while drawing endless trust from your inner Self. .


I designed these classes with much love, empathy and respect towards pregnant people and I look forward to passionately & lovingly guide you into a deep connection with yourself, your body and your baby, through my own experience as a mother, alongside my training, knowledge and intuition.


My wish and desire is to see mothers into their own power, being respected and cared for, in the same way I chose to create this for my own self. Hense it is truly my pleasure to assist you in this transformative journey and hold your hand before, during and after your childbirth through my school's online platform and the comfort and safety of your home."





Online classes: Tuesday & Friday at 9:00-9:50 (PRENATAL)

Online classes: Tuesday & Friday at 10:00-11:50 (POSTNATAL)

(Recordings available for 7 days and if you cannot be with us during these days/times)

Small groups of 2 and maximum 4 people are created in order to provide the right attention to all individuals.


Energy exchange:


€35 Private class

€20 Single or Drop in class

€35 for 2 classes per month

€60 for 4 classes per month

€95 for 8 classes per month


Upon prepayment you will receive the zoom link for the classes. 

What our beloved mothers said about their experience:

"Christina is wonderful, so grateful that I trusted her during my prenatal & postnatal journey,

she guided me with safety, comfort yet with strength and determination in order to connect with my baby, listen to my body and make the right decisions based on my unique individual needs and abilities. I truly enjoyed our classes together, her knowledge and everything provided. Highly recommended."

Marisa Günter (DE), Educator / Artist

"I could not ask for a better companion from you, my dear Christina,


in this beautiful, unique journey of my pregnancy. Our lessons were instructive and empowering, full of care and love for me as a mother, but also for my little one. I wish all the mothers could have the opportunity to live this experience during their pregnancy because that way they would gain a better understanding of what the coming of a new life really means. We will always be grateful to you!!!"

Chara Chrisomili (CY), Mother / Nurse


- You can attend this class with no previous experience or attendance in our programs.
- Mode of attendance: Live at our SenceSelfEssence school or online through our online platform.

- Please read our school's Policy with all rules and regulations.

- In the case of chronic, old or recent injuries or pain sensations anywhere in the body, we would recommend that you ask advice from your personal doctor before committing yourself into the practices.

- Eligible for people +18 years old.

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