SenseSelfEssence NUTRITION

SenseSelfEssence NUTRITION

You should definitely try this at least once in your life. A complete practice that offers an amazing experience to the individual and the group alike. 

SenseSelfEssence NUTRITION with Christina


SenseSelfEssence NUTRITION is a signature class created by Christina and it combines a broad range of practices, methods and tools in order to offer a holistic experience and a deep understanding of one's body, mind and soul in connection to food. This is a practice that uncovers many aspects and areas around food that we skip, neglect or underestimate while teaching the participant how to connect with their body and attune with nature in order to choose properly their food and what is best for them. This unique experience in designed and offered in an illuminating way by Christina's ability to intuitively guide people towards their own uniqueness and therefore what would be the best choice for them.

Who is it for?

It's for the individual who tried many diets but nothing worked for them or for the one who wish to take their diet and health in another level. It's also for those who wish to support their spiritual journey by implementing a diet that is proper for them while becoming aware of how to choose the right foods for them in order to bring optimum health and heal disease and misalignment. 

What it includes?

- An experiential class

- A theoretical class

- Duration: 3h

- Seasonal recipes

- A plant-based meal

Energy exchange:



What our adepts said about their experience:

"An amazing workshop & seminar that will teach you how to cook in the healthiest way,


by properly using your ingredients in the right combinations and avoiding mistakes, for maximum health benefits. I have personally experienced this practice for more than a year and the effects on my health are spectacular. I highly recommend it especially for vegetarians, vegans and people with gluten intolerance and more. Don't miss out!" 

Gabriel Pandelis (CY), Permaculture Designer & Teacher

"The workshop was very interesting, informative and at the same time entertaining!

Christina was very organized; we completed a test beforehand so that she could prepare a workshop according to our own Ayurvedic Dosha. I also enjoyed the structure of the workshop which included a seminar, some exercises and postures and, finally, a cooking session where we could implement some of the information we were taught during the seminar. After the seminar, Christina provided us with all the necessary notes and photographic material to ensure that we could implement correctly what we have learnt. Christina’s tips which were easy to adopt, the seminar’s holistic approach and the material she has sent after the seminar really helped me improve my eating habits and, in effect, my entire lifestyle!

Karolina Lambrou (CY), Lecturer


- You can attend this course with no previous experience or attendance in our programs.
- Mode of attendance: Live at our SenceSelfEssence Sacred School or Online through a Skype call.

- Please read our school's Policy with all rules and regulations

- In the case of any kind of disease, we would recommend that you ask advice from your personal doctor before committing yourself into the practices.

- Eligible for people +18 years old.

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