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SenseSelfEssence : Journey to the Self - TTC


The TTC of the yearly retreat program 'Journey to the Self' is residential and it takes place once a year

SenseSelfEssence Teacher Training Course

This TTC program teaches all the tools which are used throughout the SenseSelfEssence methodology and teachings. The students are requested to participate in all three previous phases of the program SenseSelfEssence : 'Journey to the Self' in order to be eligible to attend this training course. 

SenseSelfEssence Teacher Training Course with Christina


It is undeniably a serious commitment and a deep intensive immersion into the practice and methodology of SenseSelfEssence, a complete practice that the founder, Christina Georgiou masterfully created and constantly updates. The one who wishes to become a SenseSelfEssence facilitator is called to embody the teachings and then own them in their own unique and authentic way.

Who is it for?

It's only for the committed and serious practitioners who wish to become facilitators of the SenseSelfEssence method and carry out the teachings & approach of this system through their personal example and keen passion.

What it includes?

- 22 days TTC

- A manual

- A private session with Christina

- Accommodation for 23 nights

- 3 homemade vegan meals per day







- The adept of 'Journey to the Self - TTC' must complete previous attendance in PHASE I, II and III first.

- This teacher training course is only for those who wish to become facilitators of SenseSelfEssence.

- By attending this training it means that you are requested to participate in all components of this retreat. 

- In order to complete this TTC, the adept is requested to attend all days of the retreat.

- Specific preparation, completion of assignments, and self-work is required before, during and after this TTC.

- Mode of attendance: Residential

- Please read our school's Policy with all rules and regulations

- In the case of chronic, old or recent injuries or pain sensations anywhere in the body, we would recommend that you ask advice from your personal doctor or contact us directly before committing yourself into this retreat.
- Eligible for people +18 years old.

Book your place by completing this contact form with the title SenseSelfEssence TTC in your email subject.