SenseSelfEssence : Journey to the Self - PHASE II

The PHASE II of the yearly retreat program 'Journey to the Self'  is non-residential and it takes place once a year

SenseSelfEssence Intermediate Retreat

This intermediate retreat course is created and delivered in a special way, where all adepts are invited to experience this process while continuing their everyday routine and integrating all teachings in their everyday life.



SenseSelfEssence Intermediate Retreat with Christina


This specific retreat contains three courses that take place only once during the year: SenseSelfEssence Cycle ISenseSelfEssence Cycle II and SenseSelfEssence Cycle III. All three courses offer a valuable tool-box with a vast number of practices, activations, techniques and methods that one may consider as a treasure box. Christina created this retreat by intuitively selecting the most valuable tools for the needs of human kind at this phase of their life while constantly updating it yet delivering it based on the energy of the people she each time share the classroom with. This intense yet systematic process can transform the life of the adept if one decides to commit themselves fully in this journey. Following the whole schedule of this course is crucial for those who wish to attend and complete the second phase as a whole and holistic experience. 

Who is it for?


It's for the individual who wishes to reclaim their physical, emotional and mental health and change their lifestyle through an authentic and holistic wellness program. It's also for those who wish to recalibrate their energy or want to understand how energy works within them, and how they can have control over their energy and vibration in order to increase vitality, mental clarity, emotional stability and spiritual awareness. 

What it includes?

- SenseSelfEssence Cycle I

SenseSelfEssence Cycle II

- SenseSelfEssence Cycle III

- 3 private sessions with Christina

- A manual

11 October - 22 November 2020,
17 January - 28 February 2021,
and 11 April - 23 May 2021






- The 'Journey to the Self - PHASE II can be attended without the obligation to move to the last 'Journey to the Self' phase.

- The adept must firstly attend 'Journey to the Self' - PHASE I in order to move to PHASE II. 

- By attending PHASE II it means that you are requested to participate in all components of this retreat. 

- In order to complete PHASE II, the adept is requested to attend all days of the retreat.

- Upon completion of PHASE II you are eligible to move to PHASE III.

- Mode of attendance: Non-Residential (via Online Webinar)

- Please read our school's Policy with all rules and regulations

- In the case of chronic, old or recent injuries or pain sensations anywhere in the body, we would recommend that you ask advice from your personal doctor or contact us directly before committing yourself into this retreat.
- Eligible for people +18 years old.

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