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SenseSelfEssence Healing sessions


These sessions are for those who would like to receive . Christina guides the adept to dive in and do the work in order to bring transformation and rebirth into one's life. If you are ready to transcend all aspects of yourself onto your future Self and experience a New Life, then this program is for you. 

SenseSelfEssence Healing with Christina


During the SenseSelfEssence healing sessions we use transformational tools and technologies, applied upon intuitive guidance through connection with Source. These one-to-one sessions borrow processes or use fundamental principles from fusion7healing and they offer to the recipient an in depth investigation and interpretation of the issue, through intuitive consultation and energy healing, alongside mentoring on relative subjects of the issue such as health, diet, exercise and general lifestyle. The sessions begin with a deep discussion between the healer and the client on the subject, issue or goal and a diagnosis is communicated to the recipient. Then the healing process takes place and if applicable, a specific routine of practices is given to the client, designed based on their physical, mental and emotional capacity and needs.

Who is it for?

SenseSelfEssence healing sessions are available for everyone who express the need to receive higher guidance, discover their life path, heal a relationship or trauma, address and resolve an issue (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) or transform their life. Also for those who wish to receive a healing session from Christina, a caring Healer who dedicates her life for the healing of her own self and others. 


How will I be benefited?

- Know absolute truth

- Receive energy healing 

- Heal wounds and traumas

- Receive intuitive guidance 

- Remove blockages of all kind

- Gain clarity in your everyday life

- Understand yourself and your needs 

- Be benefited by evolutionary techniques

- Learn how to respond towards life situations 

- Clear negative energy from you and your space

- Uncover blind spots in different areas of your life

- Gain a non-judgemental attitude towards yourself

- Improve the relationship with yourself and others

- Improve your physical-mental-emotional health

- Bring calmness and stability into your life

- Improve all areas and aspects in your life

- Calibrate awareness towards your self

- Change your mindset for your benefit

- Make shifts in many areas of your life

- Experience happiness and better flow

What it includes?

- A one-to-one private session

- A follow up call 2-5 days after the healing session



15' / €40

30' / €70

60' / €120

90' / €160

120' / €200


What they said about SenseSelfEssence Healing:

"I am eternally grateful for Christina's ability to heal.

Having suffered a severe panic attack and being prescribed standard prescription pills, I was seeking real help. With the yoga partnership I had already begun with Christina, I turned to her for healing. I felt an immediate calm when connect with her, and I began a journey to discover the root cause of my dis ease. She intuitively supported me, even when I did not ask and I am eternally grateful for her ability to heal."

Christine Grant (UK), Teacher of Art

"Even from the first healing session with Christina I felt the difference in my energy.

One month later I couldn't believe that whatever came out that day from her mouth was becoming my reality! SenseSelfEssence is for those who want to make positive changes in their lives and leave an impact to human race. Thank you Christina for being in my life. A true angel!"

Demetris Rousos (CY), Freelancer



- Please make your booking in advance (at least 1 week earlier).

- Private sessions must be prepaid in order to secure commitment and availability for the session. 

- As soon as we receive your email or call of interest we will send you information regarding your payment.

- Mode of attendance: Live at our SenceSelfEssence Sacred School or Online through a Skype call.

- Please read our school's Policy with all rules and regulations

- Eligible for people +18 years old.

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