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SenseSelfEssence HEAL webinar course


This course is intuitively designed to offer a unique experience through a systematic approach, alongside a sensible consideration towards one's uniqueness. The recipient is strongly advised to commit into this work with strong intention and willingness in order to allow this experience to be fully effective. If you are ready to commit yourself to this course then you are welcome to join Christina in this journey. 

SenseSelEssence HEAL with Christina

SenseSelEssence HEAL webinar course is a special program that touches upon the most sensitive aspects of one's emotionality. It is formulated in a unique way in order to bring deep healing and releasing while feeling totally safe to do so. Christina created this journey, firstly in her attempt to heal her emotional body, unify the aspects of her personality, create and maintain healthy relationships with others and bridge the physical with the spiritual within herself. This coaching program provides a systematic approach that guides the adept to dive into their deepest and probably most rejected aspects of the self in order to integrate the self as whole, let go of destructive patterns and therefore bring rebirth into one's being. This 10-week journey provides a number of simple yet effective tools that aim to support one's journey of relearning how to accept one's self and emotions, experience self-love and be unconditionally present to the self in order to bring wholeness and unity within while creating a healthy relationship with the self and others, especially those that one shares an intimate relationship with. Till the completion of this conscious journey, provided with the loving guidance of Christina, you will experience a deeper sense of calmness, equanimity, strength and authenticity within the self, a unity with the whole, and a connection that will finally bridge your emotional and spiritual identity.

Who is it for?

It's for individuals who wish to address their wounds and traumas and therefore heal aspects of the self, and at the same time learn how to create a healthier relationship with their self and others. It is also for couples and family members who wish to shift the dynamic between them while working individually and learning a new paradigm of coming together and creating healthy connections and partnerships.



What does it includes?

- 10 workshops of 3h each

- A manual in pdf format

- Q&A along the process








- Please make your booking in advance (at least 1 week earlier).

- As soon as we receive your booking we will send you information regarding your payment.

- Mode of attendance: Online through our Webinar platform.

- Please read our school's Policy with all rules and regulations

- Eligible for people +18 years old.

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