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About the project


'From Nature To My Plate: 90+ Seasonal Recipes of activated vegan diet for the Body, Mind and Spirit' is an e-book with recipes created by Christina Georgiou. This e-book is a plant-based cooking guide with seasonal, activated, quick and easy-to-make meals, encouraging natural eating and living, while promoting a conscious lifestyle and wellbeing that brings health in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Christina Georgiou concentrated the knowledge and experience she gained from Ayurveda, macrobiotic diet, Veganism, raw food diet, permaculture, and nutritional color therapy, and created this simple-to-follow recipe book that is an essential guide for one's spiritual awakening and revolution. During the last years, Christina Georgiou made various experiments, she merged different practices together, applied them according to the needs of contemporary living, and created a holistic yet simplified lifestyle, which can support one’s needs through a balanced and pleasurable way. 'From Nature To My Plate' will assist you to apply quick, easy-to-make, healthy recipes and solutions in your diet without excessive costs and the pressure of time, and without making any compromise on taste. At the same time this process will help you become more sensitive regarding the way you take care of yourself, cultivating in parallel your respect towards mother earth and other living beings and therefore live in tune with nature. 

Moreover, 'From Nature To My Plate' is not just a recipe e-book, but an ongoing project and a journey through a conscious, ethical & mindful lifestyle that is based on self-sufficiency, given through Christina's example and guidance, and also through her educational projects and retreats. It cultivates consciousness from production until consumption by applying a wholesome chain of actions and a holistic way of living that uses food as its main tool in order to bring wellbeing, while cultivating one's perception and awareness towards life through their daily choices around food. It combines the ancient wisdom of yogis, Ayurveda and the modern scientific approach and discoveries found through the creation of macrobiotic diet, while considering the sources of food we have available in the country we live. Its main goal is to use food as a therapeutic tool and as an energy source for maximum vitality, mental clarity and optimum health in every level.

About the author


Christina Georgiou worked excessively on nutrition, mainly as a teacher and workshop leader and she has formulated the diet of her students for specific purposes and for specific periods of time, enabling the best physical and mental performance during creative projects, residencies, retreats, classes and festivals, with great success. She believes that being connected to our food, from the moment that is growing in the soil till it enters our plate, and the practice of mindfulness, compassion and gratitude are a few very important elements in this process and she opts to apply them in her everyday life by growing her own food, and at the same time facilitating and encouraging this connection to be cultivated by her students for their own benefit. Christina’s love for nature, animals and humans play a key role in her choices and how she cooks. Moreover this process makes her happy and she wants to share it with you!

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