What is SenseSelfEssence?

SenseSelfEssence is a holistic healing method and a heart-centered experience that is designed to assist and support people in their journey for evolution, through awakening, transformation and ascension techniques and experiences in order to heal oneself, unlock their potential and establish a deeper connection with their authentic Self. The holistic and heart-centered approach of SenseSelfEssence includes physical, mental and spiritual practices and they are provided always in alignment with Source Energy, intending to provide the highest truth, frequencies and consciousness for the benefit of all. SenseSelfEssence programs provide students with ancient and modern wisdom through yoga & meditation, metaphysics, nutrition, energy and esoteric practices, consciousness expansion, quantum technology, science and many more.

How does SenseSelfessence work?

SenseSelfEssence endeavors to locate, investigate and heal the root cause of an issue by recalling and reaching back to the very fundamental principles of who we really are. We firstly detect the problematic data in one's energy field and what it causes it. Then we use the tools we have in order to heal the individual and create the proper alignment with Source Energy through the guidance of Primary Source. SenseSelfEssence sees everything as energy and the intention of this work is to heal all areas of the human energy field, which contains all that we are, providing access to the Self. 

How SenseSelfEssence was created?

Through a long journey of transformation and self-inquiry, retreat and introspection, training and self-healing, Christina Georgiou brought together all tools that have assisted her in her journey, alongside her own discoveries during her personal practice and the practice she shared with her students over the years as a trainer and teacher in the fields of art and spirituality. This journey not only brought her closer to the Truth, it also transformed the relationship with her own Self and others, it provided her inner peace and abundance in all levels, and most importantly it constantly brings her back in alignment with Source Energy and consecutively in alignment with her Higher Purpose. Christina states that her students and clients were an important part of her inspiration in order to create a holistic system that covers all kinds of temperaments, ages and needs, alongside her own personal journey and findings. 

What do you mean with the word holistic?

With the word 'holistic' we mean two different things within the frame of SenseSelfEssence: Firstly, it is an approach where we look at all parameters and aspects regarding the life of a person: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Secondly, we see each person as a multidimensional being that is unique, and therefore neither one technique, practice, diet and way of living works for everyone in the same way, nor there is only one specific sequence of actions in the healing or training process that applies for all. Therefore through a holistic approach, and always through divine guidance, SenseSelfEssence is structured in a way that it gives to people what is necessary for them at the right moment, alongside the freedom to expand and grow in their own unique way. 

How SenseSelfessence is delivered?

Christina Georgiou works intuitively through connection with Primary Source in order to deliver to the participants of an event the exact practices, information, guidance, and energy that they need at that particular time or phase. All programs of SenseSelfEssence are very rich, intensive and structured in a specific manner but at the same time they are multilayered, offering the freedom to the facilitator to use this structure in a flexible, proper and ideal way for the capacity and understanding of each individual and the group. This is one of the reasons why SenseSelfEssence is so unique, understandable and attracting to many people. 

Why choosing SenseSelfEssence?

SenseSelfEssence works in an individual and collective level. It restores physical, mental, emotional and psychological health and brings holistic wellbeing. It can resolve malfunctions in the subconscious level, childhood traumas and blocks which are connected with the past, present and future. It can heal addictions of any kind, transform realationships, and bring abundance and joy in your life. It can also be an effective tool for all diseases, such as depression, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, etc. SenseSelfEssence can heal any situation, the environment and the earth. It is totally safe and highly effective for everyone, young and elder.

For whom it is addressed or suitable for?

SenseSelfEssence private sessions are addressed for everyone; people at any age, physical condition and mental capacity. These sessions are ideal for anyone who wishes to make an effective change in their lives, restore their health and enjoy a state of wellness, experience happiness and harmony in their relationships and lives, bring solutions in their current financial, career, family, relationship and marital status, and for those who wish to find their life path. The rest of the programs of SenseSelfEssence are addressed for different ages. Please check in the description of each program. 

How can SenseSelfEssence assist a person regarding their profession?

In the past, SenseSelfEssence was arranged and applied in retreats designed especially for artists. This is actually how it started: when the founder, Christina Georgiou applied SenseSelfEssence in her art, other artists, especially younger emerging artists, were keen to learn from her. So for the artist, SenseSelfEssence is a powerful tool in order to reach deeper aspects of the Self and draw inspiration from there, enabling in this way an authentic stream of creative energy to occur in one's life and artwork. In addition, SenseSelfEssence brings balance and harmony between the emotional and the intellect, the aesthetic and the conceptual and therefore, a much deeper artistic expression takes place with ease and alignment with the artist's authentic Self and not with their issues, false ego or the need to present negative aspects of life, but instead transcend them through their art. Regarding other professions, SenseSelfEssence assisted people in many different ways. Freelancers were able to increase their income, people working in an office found the courage to speak their truth and claim their power while receiving promotion, and people working in negative environments managed to set their limits and gain respect within their working field. 

How can I receive a SenseSelfEssence healing session?


Please book your session by sending us an email to senseselfessence[at]gmail.com or call at +357 99650113. We will email you back with the possible dates and times of your session alongside information about the session and payment method. The healing can be carried out via Skype or at our beautiful healing room at SenseSelfEssence Sacred School.


Is distant healing effective in the same way that it would be if I visited your premises?


Totally. Distant healing is effective in the exact same way as if you are in front of the healer. The healing does not depend on physical contact, and therefore you can reach us and book your session even if you live at the other side of the world. All that is required from you is your own consent and the healer's highest intention to assist you thoroughly wherever you are. Please have in mind that private sessions are prepaid. You will find the information in the description of the private sessions. 

How can I participate in a SenseSelfEssence program?

Please book your place in a program by sending us an email to senseselfessence[at]gmail.com while mentioning the title of the program. If this is a residential program we will get back to you regarding the availability, and if this is an online course we will get back to you with information of how to connect with us in order to view the webinar from home and therefore participate in the program. You will also receive information regarding the payment method. Please have in mind that all residential, live and online programs are prepaid or they require a deposit. You will find the information in the description of each program. 

I'm I eligible to take part in SenseSelfEssence?

Yes, SenseSelfEssence welcomes everyone who wishes to take part in the programs, regardless of their profession, life experience, education, knowledge, mental and physical capacity. In addition, SenseSelfEssence practises work on a subtle, energetic level and therefore no mental analysis or intellectual ability is required for the processes beyond a basic understanding. We see each and every human being as a unique, divine being, eligible and capable of transforming the self in order to come closer to their true essence. In addition, SenseSelfEssence facilitator is available to answer your questions throughout the process. 

Which course of SenseSelfEssence is suitable for me?

Contact us and share with us your thoughts, needs, questions and concerns and we will come back to you with suggestions. We can also arrange a Skype meeting if necessary. Moreover, we will be happy to give this time to people who seriously wish to be part of SenseSelfEssence programs, but need extra guidance in order to make their decision and plan. 

What will I learn and/or experience during this journey?

With one’s decision to receive the teachings of SenseSelfEssence, a dramatic positive change in their life is truly possible! SenseSelfEssence is a system that is constructed in a unique way. Therefore you will receive a step by step guidance of how to learn a broad range of techniques, methods and practices in order to generate results in depth. You will learn to practice from simple to more complicated techniques, enabling inspiration and freedom for your own unique expression as a healer to occur. You will be able to access, investigate and heal the Psychic Centers and the 7 key components of the Human Energy Field and learn how these correspond to the Universal Energy Field. Therefore you will be able to sense all aspects of your self while restoring all levels of your existence: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, and creating an alignment between them. During our programs you will learn to cultivate your awareness, sharpen your senses, expand your consciousness and witness ability, activate and access higher perception abilities and altered states of consciousness and explore the different stages of brain waves, according to your level. The people who are new to this will learn simple yet powerful practices like breath-work, movement, sound healing and color therapy, and the more advanced practitioners will enhance their already existing skills while activating their highest potential. ​

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