SenseSelfEssence CYCLE III

SenseSelfEssence CYCLE III is part of the program 'Journey to the Self ' PHASE II, and it is offered also as a single unit/cycle of experiential classes.

SenseSelfEssence CYCLE III
This cycle is inspired by the main 5 Elements of TCM.

SenseSelfEssence CYCLE III with Christina


SenseSelfEssence CYCLE III is a signature course created by Christina and it combines a broad range of practices, methods and tools in order to offer a holistic experience and a deep understanding on the 5 Elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Wood and Metal), as revealed in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and how their energy can be integrated and understood in one's everyday life. This unique 7-weeks course in designed and offered in a heart-centered way through Christina's ability to intuitively guide, heal and transcend. The adept will experience joy and bliss through a profound connection with their own essence and being, while establishing a deeper connection with the whole.

Who is it for?


It's for the individual who wishes to reclaim their physical, emotional and mental health and change their lifestyle through an authentic and holistic wellness program. It's also for those who wish to recalibrate their energy or want to understand how energy works within them, and how they can have control over their energy and vibration in order to increase vitality, mental clarity, emotional stability and spiritual awareness

What it includes?

- 7 experiential classes, live or online, of 1,5 h

- 7 theoretical classes, live or online, of 1,5 h

- 14 activation classes of 0,5 h

- Feedback on weekly assignment

11 April - 23 May 2021




What our adepts said about their experience:

"A unique healing journey and a special soul to guide us through it!

Being a healer myself, it is super important to keep my whole body healthy and balanced, but also super appreciative for fellow kind souls who manage to keep the space just right for both healing and expansion! If there was a repeat I would do it again in a heartbeat."

Christina Violari (CY), Healer & Counselor

"Having Christina as a spiritual teacher is a true blessing.


She helped me rediscover the path towards my spiritual awakening, enlightenment and alignment with my true Self. She accompanied me through this long and sometimes painful journey with acceptance, respect and love. Christina is an amazing human being, a compassionate teacher, a kind, gentle and giving soul with a warm heart open for everyone."​​

Marilena Kyriacou (CT), Actress, Drama Teacher & Youth Worker


- You can attend this course with no previous experience or attendance in our programs.
- Mode of attendance: Online through our Webinar platform

- Please read our school's Policy with all rules and regulations

- In the case of chronic, old or recent injuries or pain sensations anywhere in the body, we would recommend that you ask advice from your personal doctor or contact us directly before committing yourself into the practices.

- Eligible for people +18 years old.

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