SenseSelfEssence YOGA

SenseSelfEssence YOGA

You should definitely try this at least once in your life. A complete practice that offers an amazing experience to the individual and the group alike. 

SenseSelfEssence YOGA with Christina


SenseSelfEssence YOGA is a signature class created by Christina and it combines a broad range of practices, methods and tools in order to offer a holistic experience and a deep understanding of one's body, mind and soul and therefore bring union between the three. This is a practice that trains your awareness and teaches you how to gain control over your bodily movements, thoughts and emotions. This unique experience in designed and offered in a heart-centered way through Christina's ability to intuitively guide and offer the practices in the most proper and needed way from the students.

Who is it for?

It's for the individual who wishes to improve and establish physical, emotional and mental health and create a healthy and balanced lifestyle through an authentic and holistic daily practice. It's also for those who wish to re-connect with their true Self, become more aware about who they truly are, and understand their spiritual, emotional, mental and bodily domain and how these can work on their favor. 

What it includes?

- An experiential class or series of classes 

- Duration of each class: 90' - 105'

- Each class is different and unique

Energy exchange:


€20 / Drop in class

€70 / 1X week per month

€120 / 2X week per month

€150 / 3X week per month

€170 / 4X week per month

7 January - 30 July 2020
Tuesdays: 8:00-9:45 & 19:00-20:45
Thursdays: 8:00-9:45 & 19:00-20:45
What our adepts said about their experience:

"Amazing experience!


Christina is a truly inspiring teacher! I am enjoying our SenseSelfEssence Yoga classes."


Sotiria Vrioni (CY), Educator & Kids Yoga Teacher

"SenseSelfEssence is a space with spiritual ambience infused with live energy, love and integrity,

and which heals both body and soul. All this becomes reality thanks to Christina is not just a yoga teacher; she is a true leader full of inspiration and goodness who effectively guides students on to how to connect with their higher Self."

Angela Kyriacou (CY), Artist & Professor of Fine Art


- You can attend this course with no previous experience or attendance in our programs.
- Mode of attendance: Live at our SenceSelfEssence Sacred School or Online through a Skype call.

- Please read our school's Policy with all rules and regulations.

- In the case of chronic, old or recent injuries or pain sensations anywhere in the body, we would recommend that you ask advice from your personal doctor before committing yourself into the practices.

- Eligible for people +18 years old.

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