SenseSelfEssence Coaching programs


These programs are uniquely designed to offer a life-changing experience through a variety of tools and through a systematic approach and manner, alongside a sensitive consideration of the individual's uniqueness, to bring a desirable and aligned outcome. Each SenseSelfEssence coaching program focus on a specific subject, vision and purpose, aiming for a specific goal. In order to reach this goal, the proper time, commitment, regularity and strong intention from the individual is required. The recipient is strongly advised to do their own 'homework' in order to make the desirable outcome more effective. If you are ready for this serious commitment then the transformation process unfolds as soon as you begin the journey with us.

SenseSelfEssence Transformation Coaching


SenseSelEssence Transformation Coaching is a unique once-in-a-lifetime experience, which is formulated to bring a total shift in one's perception, consciousness and mindset. Christina created this experience, firstly for her own self, in a past endeavor to bring a physical, mental and emotional catharsis to herself after the experience of a 'dead-end' in her life.This coaching program provides a methodological journey given through a simple yet effective step-by-step process that aims to reveal and release the old in the deepest level of one's psyche in order to bring clarity and prepare a new foundation and grounding for the individual to rewrite and relive the purpose of their new life. This intensive 12-day journey will totally reset your psychological and physiological mechanisms while creating a new paradigm of one's individuality from the inside to the outside, from the metaphysical and energetic to the physical and tangible aspects of the soul/person. You will understand what it means to be responsible for your own state of being and how choice-making can affect your well-being in several ways. By the end of this conscious journey, given with the constant guidance of Christina, you will experience a deeper understanding and knowing regarding your life purpose and true self in connection to the whole and you will feel a readiness to embark onto your new journey.


Number of private sessions: 12 

Duration: 12 days (1 private session per day, total 12 private sessions in the duration of 12 consecutive days)

Energy exchange: €1,444 for a committed individual or €555 for a small group of 4-6 committed individuals 

(It includes all sessions, a manual, detailed description for your preparation & 'how to', and Q&A alongside the process)

SenseSelEssence Rebirth Coaching

SenseSelEssence Rebirth Coaching is a special, cutting edge program that touches upon the most sensitive aspects of one's emotionality. It is formulated in a unique way in order to bring deep healing and releasing while feeling totally safe to do so. Christina created this journey, firstly in her attempt to heal her emotional body, unify the aspects of her personality, create and maintain healthy relationships with others and bridge the physical with the spiritual within herself. This coaching program provides a systematic approach that guides the adept to dive into their deepest and probably most rejected aspects of the self in order to integrate the self as whole, let go of destructive patterns and therefore bring rebirth into one's being. This 12-week journey provides a number of simple yet effective tools that aim to support one's journey of relearning how to accept one's self and emotions, experience self-love and be unconditionally present to the self in order to bring wholeness and unity within while creating a healthy relationship with the self and others, especially those that one shares an intimate relationship. Till the completion of this conscious journey, provided with the loving guidance of Christina, you will experience a deeper sense of equanimity, strength and authenticity within the self, a unity with the whole, and a connection that will finally bridge their emotional and spiritual identity.


Number of private sessions: 10

Duration: 10 weeks (1 session per week, total 10 sessions in the duration of 10 weeks)

Energy exchange: €1,222 for a committed individual or €444 for a small group of 4-6 committed individuals 

(It includes all sessions, a manual, detailed description for your preparation & 'how to', and Q&A alongside the process)

SenseSelfEssence Alignment Coaching


SenseSelEssence Alignment Coaching is a holistic program that brings those deeper aspects of the self in conjunction with the tangible and one's ability to make choices. It is created to destroy one's perception regarding what is normal while bringing a total shift in one's perception and state of being. Christina formulated this program in her attempt to assist herself and her students in their way to live a life where spirituality and physicality, being and personality, energy and money can go together hand in hand. This coaching program suggests and activates a sequence of actions that the adept can apply and embody in their own unique way. Its aim is to rewire old patterns with new paradigms through the activation and recognition of one's true essence while providing to the self the opportunity to re-member the Self as the only truth in every choice one makes as the ultimate alignment. This 9-months journey will ultimately and consciously align your life, business and love life while shifting your way of thinking, your priorities, and the old way you used to make decisions. With the completion of this signature program by Christina, your ability to see things from an energetic perspective from now on will help you manifest your biggest dreams, attract your deepest desires, bring ease and comfort in your everyday life settlements and experience flow and happiness with no effort.


Number of private sessions: 9

Duration: 9 months (1 session per month, total 9 sessions in the duration of 9 months)

Energy exchange: €1,111 for a committed individual or €333 for a small group of 4-6 committed individuals

(It includes all sessions, a manual, detailed description for your preparation & 'how to', and Q&A alongside the process)

What they said about SenseSelfEssence Coaching:

"I am deeply grateful to Christina’s coaching.

A quest of self-healing, awareness and deeper connection with my highest purpose, leading me towards manifesting my most heartfelt dreams. I was fully supported and empowered throughout the whole process. This enabled me to want to do the work within. Day by day, while I practiced connecting with my body, I began to acknowledge the immeasurable potential within me and each one. Her approach deeply touches me, her presence fully aligned and expressing what she stands for. Clearly and methodically I was taught how to utilize certain tools, honour and transform challenges and tension into opportunities for expansion. I am inspired and transformed, as I know now, in a deeper level, that we are here to celebrate each and every side of yourselves, spiritual and physical, emotional and psychological. It’s no longer a competition, it’s journey, a synergy toward harmony. The harmony that resonated with who I am. I highly recommend working with Christina to people who wish to reach their full potential, be liberated and are ready to do the work, but don’t know how. Thank you for pointing me toward the light and the earth, at once. How to be both grounded, present, as well as connected with my original self and the Source, for the benefit of all."

Katerina Alrimawi (Educator)



- Please make your booking in advance in order to secure our availability on your desired starting date.

- Coaching programs must be prepaid in order to secure commitment and availability for all sessions. 

- Payment of the fees can take place in several installments after communication and agreement. 

- As soon as we receive your email or call of interest we will send you information regarding your payment.

- Mode of attendance: Live at our SenceSelfEssence Sacred School or Online through a Skype call.

- Please read our school's Policy with all rules and regulations

- Eligible for people +18 years old.

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