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SenseSelfEssence ALIGN webinar course


This course is intuitively designed to offer a unique experience through a systematic approach, alongside a sensible consideration towards one's uniqueness. The recipient is strongly advised to commit into this work with strong intention and willingness in order to allow this experience to be fully effective. If you are ready to commit yourself to this course then you are welcome to join Christina in this journey. 

SenseSelfEssence ALIGN with Christina


SenseSelEssence Align webinar course is a holistic program that brings those deeper aspects of the self in conjunction with the tangible and one's ability to make choices. It is created to destroy one's perception regarding what is normal while bringing a total shift in one's perception and state of being. Christina formulated this program in her attempt to assist herself and her students in their way to live a life where spirituality and physicality, being and personality, energy and money can go together hand in hand. This course suggests a sequence of actions that the adept can apply and embody in their own unique way. Its aim is to rewire old patterns with new paradigms through the activation and recognition of one's true essence while providing to the self the opportunity to re-member the Self as the only truth in every choice one makes as the ultimate alignment. This 9-months journey will ultimately and consciously align your life, business and love life while shifting your way of thinking, your priorities, and the old way you used to make decisions. With the completion of this signature program by Christina, your ability to see things from an energetic perspective from now on will help you manifest your biggest dreams, attract your deepest desires, bring ease and comfort in your everyday life settlements and experience flow and happiness with no effort.

Who is it for?

It's for individuals who feel stack in their life and business and wish to bring clarity, ease, happiness and abundance in their life, while discovering their life's purpose and their own unique path. It is also for partners, teams, businesses and their members who wish to shift old paradigms and create new models of co-existence that can bring success through true collaboration and while respecting each other's uniqueness.



What it includes?

- 9 workshops of 3h

- A manual in pdf format

- Q&A along the process







- Please make your booking in advance (at least 1 week earlier).

- As soon as we receive your booking we will send you information regarding your payment.

- Mode of attendance: Online through our Webinar platform.

- Please read our school's Policy with all rules and regulations

- Eligible for people +18 years old.

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