"Only by remembering your true nature, the essence of your true, authentic Self,

can reconnect you with the Divine, and liberate you from all suffering of the false ego.

The Self is the only Truth, and Truth is your identity.

It is the frequency of unconditional love we are all created from.

This is who you really are. Everything else will unfold"


Welcome dear Soul,

I'm Christinafounder of SenseSelfEssence.

SenseSelfEssence's Vision is

A new, multidimensional paradigm of existence, inspired and created by a self-sustaining tribe of sovereign beings, living in harmony and peace within a heart-centered and empowering community that free-will is genuinely supported.

SenseSelfEssence's Aim is

To create a holistic & consciously active ambient for individuals' intellectual, creative and intuitive gifts in order to awake, expand and evolve, while generating the proper conditions that assist and lead to one’s embodiment of the Soul and realization of the Self, for the benefit of all.

SenseSelfEssence's Mission is

To provide proper and up-to-date education, context, experience and methods to its members who are willing to perform their higher potential inside and outside the community and share their life-purpose with others, through expansive & unity consciousness and the alignment with their truest Self. 

Welcome to this transformational journey for the creation of your New Life and New Earth, a Rebirth! 

Read Christina's story and aspiration here

“If you are not ready to do the work and change your life/self, STOP reading now! 


SenseSelfEssence is all about that, going to the depths of your soul, finding the dark pieces and bringing them to the light to heal!  If you are courageous enough to do that, if you want to get rid of everything that holds you back from being the amazing person you came here to be, then this is the place and there’s no doubt that Christina will masterfully guide you and support you throughout the whole process.  A dedicated, passionate, talented, skillful leader, an amazing yoga teacher and gifted healer, she will be a true inspiration and the rock you need to anchor yourself during your journey.  Her vast knowledge, her wisdom, her opened heart and compassion makes her a unique Teacher that I highly recommend to anyone who’s serious about his/hers well being and spiritual growth!“


Gabriel Pandelis

Permaculture Designer, Teacher, Consultant & Artist

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